Moteur brushless 1200KV, EMAX CF2822

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EMAX CF2822 1200KV Brushless Motor for RC Airplane Multicopter


No. Of cells: 2-3 Li-Poly
RPM/V: 1200 RMP/V
zMax. efficiency: 82%
Max. efficiency current: 7-16 A (>75%)
No load current / 10 V: 0.9 A
Current capacity: 16 A/60 s
Internal Resistance: 150 mohm
Stator Dimensions: 22x10 mm
Shaft diameter: 3 mm
Weight: 39g
Recommended Model Weight: 200-600g

It is the very high power delivered by these small and very robust, but light weight (39g) brushless motors with rotating case suitable for all models of 300-400 size. The CF2822/CF2812 motors offer extremely high efficiency and high load capability for their weight. EMAX motors with the high quality of manufacturing, reliability and performance are the best outrunners available in the market.

Package Include:

1 x EMAX CF2822 1200KV Brushless Motor


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